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30 Years of Change with Suzi Jensen

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Suzi Jensen has been the graphic designer at Lasercraft for 27 years. Over that time, Suzi has seen many changes as the organisation has grown and evolved in line with market needs.

As Suzi explains, “When Lasercraft began 30 years ago, the products we produced were largely made of timber. All our awards and business gifts were of a very high quality, finely detailed and hand crafted. Technology was very different at the time. Designs were made on drawing desks using a dark room, and the operation of the lasers and loading of artwork was all manual.

“Today, products are also created using optical grade acrylics, metals and UV printing. Designs and the operation process are all digital.

“The equipment has also changed dramatically. The very first laser used was the size of a large dining table and the control cabinet was the size of a single bedroom. Today, the lasers are the size of a large photocopier.”

When Suzi first started working at Lasercraft, the vision was to provide a safe and happy workplace with fair rights for employees, as well as helping them outside the workplace with experience in shopping, banking and anything else required in their daily lives. Suzi believes that vision has not only been achieved but has been exceeded.

As Suzi says, “Today, Lasercraft has grown into a market leader for corporate awards whilst offering high standards of employment for special needs employees.”

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