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Meet Stevie Bruerton

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Stevie is a supported employee at Lasercraft. When he was two, he was diagnosed with autism and developmental delay in the moderate to severe category. He is classified as non-verbal. He began working with Lasercraft four years ago through work experience completed during his final year of school. Upon completion of his work experience, he was offered a permanent position.

Stevie’s mother, Kerry Bruerton says that Stevie has matured significantly during his time working at Lasercraft. He has become more independent and is now able to follow tasks more easily. The unique working environment Lasercraft provides has allowed Stevie to gain invaluable confidence in himself and his ability to participate in everyday tasks unassisted.

As Kerry says, “Stevie loves his work, so much so that he is always happy to go to work. He loves the fact that he is part of a team and a family at Lasercraft. The unique environment provided at Lasercraft makes him feel safe.”

Stevie’s family and friends are proud of Stevie and the high quality of work he produces. He is a well-respected employee at Lasercraft. His work as a process worker has given him purpose. Despite being non-verbal, it is easy for his family and co-workers to see how happy he is to be working at Lasercraft – and we’re very happy to have Stevie working with us too!

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