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Never Compromising on Quality

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From our very early days, the quality of our technology has always been a focus at Lasercraft.

When we purchased our inaugural CO2 laser cutter in 1987, we were the first facility in Australia for manufacturing laser engraved awards and performance recognition products. We were pioneers in the use of laser technology, purchasing the laser from a company in the US who had to work with a local company to set up the extremely large and complicated laser engraving bed. The laser was so intricate and unique that we needed the services of a dedicated technician to service it.

In 1994, we purchased a second laser and again underwent the lengthy process of modifying what was a laser cutter to become a laser engraver.

In 1998, we sourced a new material to use in the manufacture of our awards – optical grade acrylic. This material engraved beautifully and could be easily hand-crafted to a variety of shapes. The market embraced this new concept and today it is still our most popular material.

In 2004, we purchased a new 240 volt laser machine and in 2011, we purchased a UV printer as the demand for colour rose. This opened the way for greater creativity in the design of our products. In 2013, we purchased a second UV printer in response to client demand.

Today, we continue to source new technologies and materials to ensure we remain at the leading edge of quality and creativity in the manufacture of our awards and business gifts.

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