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Snippets from the Past

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Snippets from the Past

When Lasercraft first opened its doors, it was 1987. Bob Hawke was Prime Minister, the first mobile phone call had just been made in Australia and 3D video games were in their first year of invention.

On the music scene, Kylie Minogue was topping the charts with her first single, Locomotion and the iconic movie Good Morning Vietnam had just been released. On television, Countdown and Blinky Bill came to an end and the first episode of The Simpsons was aired.

Very importantly for Lasercraft, the Commonwealth Disability Services Act was introduced in 1987 with the goal to encourage a more inclusive and integrated life for people living with disabilities. This opened pathways for people with disabilities to gain support in obtaining and maintaining employment.

For prominent NSW Central Coast business man John Leddy, this presented an opportunity to fulfil his vision. With a disabled son himself, John and two other influential Central Coast business owners, decided to research the possibility of building a viable and sustainable business that would meet the employment needs of local people living with disabilities.

Thirty years later, we are proud to have given meaningful employment to hundreds of supported employees within an organisation that is now recognised as a national market leader in the design and manufacture of quality awards, plaques, trophies and business gifts.

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